Healthy Heart
Controls Diabetes
Cancer Prevention
Controls Hypertension
Controls Cholesterol
Boosts Immunity
Controls Obesity
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What is Santéline EVOO™?

Santéline brings you the nature's essential supplements for a healthy and happy life.

Santéline EVOO CAPS™ is the first and only innovative concept of introducing the rich health benefits of NATURALLY Concentrated Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the softgel Capsules within India.

How is Santéline EVOO™ different? How is it proved?

Santéline EVOO™ is a medicinal dietary Supplement with highest concentration of powerful antioxidants, Polyphenols, Vitamin E and healthiest fatty acids, MUFA, Omega 9 fatty acid (Oleic acid) which is essential for daily nutritional balance.

Thanks to the rich feature of EVOO™ which is part of the Mediterranean diet, Mediterranean's are considered the healthiest in the world.

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How Does Santéline EVOO™ Work?

Healthy Heart

Santéline EVOO™ protects heart from various cardiac complications. Regular use of EVOO™ is found to produce long-term changes in cardiovascular risk factors and inflammation. EVOO™ helps to have better control on blood pressure and cholesterol.
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Controls Diabetes

Santéline EVOO™ provides protection from the onset of diabetes and diabetic complications. Free radical and inflammatory damage is an important concern faced by diabetic patients. Effective control of this is only possible with powerful anti-oxidant. Santéline EVOO CAPS™ provide the nature’s powerful anti-oxidants.
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Prevents Cancer

Santéline EVOO CAPS™ possess strong protective role from certain types of cancer.
Polyphenols present in EVOO CAPS™ protects from DNA, protein oxidation and also prevents mutagenesis and carcinogenesis through powerful anti-oxidant mechanism. EVOO CAPS™ can improve the immunity and body metabolisms also.
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The polyphenol(Oleocantal) present in Santéline EVOO CAPS™ possess anti-inflammatory activity similar to drug Ibuprofen.
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A natural way for looking young is now possible with Santéline EVOO CAPS™. The unique combination of skin nourishing ingredients of Santéline EVOO™ will prevent the skin from premature aging.
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Controls Obesity

Try the natural and healthy way to control weight. EVOO™ is known to have better control on obesity and maintains HDL:LDL ratio.To know more

Mediterranean diet in
Santéline EVOO CAPS™

A typical diet of Mediterranean basin is the healthiest in the world. The scientific communities has closely maintained curiosity in understanding the health benefits of Mediterranean diet. They are now revealing yet another secret for healthy living from nature, Olive.


No after taste


Highly concentrated Extra Virgin Olive Oil

100 % Natural

Premium Quality

Santéline EVOO CAPS™ is source of Nature's powerful Anti-oxidants


Vitamin E

Santéline EVOO CAPS™ is source of the healthiest Fatty acid.

MUFA – Oleic acid

Omega 6 & 3